Monday, April 29, 2019

Because You Scriptured Me

"I had a one-way ticket to a place where all the demons go
Where the wind don't change
And nothing in the ground can ever grow
No hope, just lies
And you're taught to cry into your pillow
But I survived"  Alive ~ Sia

When did the joy
of my heart become
your right to legislate?

I am counted among
those you’ve assigned
damnation because
a book of men scriptured
me vile.

Does ink and interpretation
mean more than life?

Does an attempt to break me
into your identity elevate
you in the eyes of God
or is it the throne of men
you cherish?

Will you deny mine
so your pulpit can
espouse yours?

©Susie Clevenger 2019


This poem is my response to Texas Senate Bill 17 recently approved by the Texas senate. This is personal for me. It effects family and friends. I understand if you have a different opinion, but I will not debate it. 


  1. Thanks for the link. Horrifying! Your questions are pertinent, beautifully stated, unanswerable by bigots, and I hear the underlying outrage. I still think they are very restrained, considering. Wisely so, but I'd be tempted to rant and rave. Instead, you get to the heart of the matter.

    1. I could have ranted. I was feeling it. Thank you for reading it.

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  3. I might also have ranted and raves. My legislative representatives do not represent me, I would have voted with you on this had I the choice.

    1. Sometimes we must rant and rave. I'm afraid I wasn't represented either.

  4. It beggars belief, the things that are happening now, to try to roll back the progress of the last 40 years. Funny how religious "freedom" is just a cover phrase for denying others theirs. I'd rather be stuck in a room full of alligators than a roomful of "Christians." At least alligators aren't so nauseatingly sanctimonious and smug.

  5. It's sad and frightening that things like this are happening. Hypocrisy, ignorance, and lack of empathy are unfortunately growing in this country. Your poem is moving and powerful. Love the Sia video and song too. It’s one of my favorites.

  6. The second stanza is so well written - emotional and strong and bold.

  7. So powerful in this rendering — you've pointed out the crux of the matter by telling it how it is.

  8. This is incredibly evocative, Susie!❤️ I especially like; "When did the joy of my heart become your right to legislate?"

  9. I have never understood why freedom means a card to oppress... religion should always be personal and not something done by the state.