Monday, April 8, 2019

Not the Same Playground

I was the fat girl,
you know the one
with the ruddy cheeks,
crooked teeth, and
thighs in constant chafe.

Bullies, yes, there were bullies.
They brought names, stones,
and an entourage of gigglers
giddy they weren’t the target.

Oh, but I’m no longer ten,
I’ve sharpened my tongue,
and dark gleamed my eyes.

If they want to reminisce
about how the chubby girl cried,
karma may write a new story.


Real Toads ~ Poems in April ! Riddikulus!


  1. Fellow chubby child here too. I definitely grew a mouth that was inversely proportional to my height.

  2. This is terribly sad for kids. But then for any.


  3. I was the fat little girl too. As I am fond of quoting, 'Writers have the last word.'

  4. I wasn't chubby but was extremely skinny and aloof as a kid .. so became a target for bullies all throughout high school!