Sunday, July 24, 2022

From My Throne of Abandoned


“She says she glories in being abandoned”

― J. M. Barrie

 I am the once was,

the seat of forgotten

where lost dreams

are mice infested memories.


In my bones questions

pierce the eyes of those

brazen enough to walk

the spine of my decay.


From my urban throne

of abandoned the voices

of my remains crawl faded

wallpaper into the ear of fear

or into imagination that thinks

it can speak my unknown tongue.


My days tick toward an eraser,

urban lust to claim what it can never own.

When  my heart is the carrion eaten

by steel jaws, my dust delivered to

a toxic grave, my spirit will remain

where it was first planted.

I’ll be the dandelion in rosy,

the chill no one can explain.


 ©Susie Clevenger 2022

The Sunday Muse #220

I was feeing gothic today.