Monday, December 3, 2018

Nothing Better Than a Woman's Eye

America's first female photojournalist
c. 1904

There’s nothing better
than a woman’s eye.
She’s been looking through
barriers since Eden’s apple
produced its first snake oil.

Every drop
of submission
placed in her ear
brings a little more
light to her vision.

There’s nothing better
than a woman’s eye
to see what will be
through the repressive
words of you can’t.

©Susie Clevenger 2018


  1. Well said! We are a powerful force with insight, vision and spend very little time lamenting on hind-sight.

  2. Women have more strength and determination, than even they know. Great poem.

  3. I like your 55 Words, Susie. There's a big challenge in those two words, "You can't." Submit, no way, say "I can."

  4. A woman's eye.. that is a striking line and shows great insight into the image. Thanks, Susie.

  5. Gosh that first stanza left me breathless! Exquisite write, Susie.💞