Sunday, December 23, 2018

Wolf Moon and Flesh

Before the wolf moon
can puncture the heart
of dreams I meditate in
its howl, lift a prayer
for every scar on its
journey to forgiven,
and light a candle to guide
spirits through the valley
of extinction.

Pulled through the eye of empathy
I feel the wolf lead me deeper
into black coffee night.

©Susie Clevenger 2018


In Shay's prompt she led us to  to a beautiful extinct creature the Thylacine, but as poetry does it lead me to lament the passing of such wonder through a wolf moon. 

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  1. Such empathy, such a deep sense of conviction runs through this beautiful, beautiful poem Susie. ❤

  2. Humans have little respect for many animals that are proud and can survive without them. So in answer to that we attempt to eradicate them rather than respect them. However we still hope in Australia that a band of Thylacines still survive in the dense forests of Tasmania.

  3. We are all on a journey to forgiven, each generation carrying the legacy of the one before. What price will our grandchildren pay?

  4. "Before the wolf moon
    can puncture the heart
    of dreams "
    This opening line is sublime. Love the entreaty.

  5. So many animals lost... and the worst is not even seen... wonderful how you link it to the wolf moon.