Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Burning of the Bottle

Real Toads ~ Tuesday Platform


  1. ohhh - wonderful word play!

    definitely layered and I think the brevity of this leaves just enough for the reader to imagine ...

    and the last lines are intriguing .... in the best of ways!

    and as a mixed media presentation - highly effective! I really like it - well done!

  2. ... I'm thinking you needed to move on and that it is important to know when to let go of certain people? I always love the sound of your words...

  3. I would like to pour wine through ghosts of my acquaintances, all except two. My ex and he bully who beat me up in school. But I not sure I would want to be anyone's ghost either. Really a novel approach to renewing old acquaintances. You did well in the keeping.

  4. People bibble for all kinds of reasons, gather also under different gods, ghosts. Some of the old Greeks called wine the Loosener, others the Fiery Drink of the Black Mother. There is the roar of high rage and the quench of oblivion. The ambivalence of the second stanza leaves us to wonder what burned who.

  5. Ooh, there is so much of intrigue in these few lines. I love this bit: "but I wasn't thirsty for rewind". A lovely word-play and the presentation adds into the feeling of this action and its discernment.

  6. Sometimes you just have to forward... some things you cannot rewind over and over...