Friday, November 3, 2017

Temple Moan

Shadow prayers steeple hands
into a temple moan of unknown tongues.

There’s no veil, no shaman, no holy path
through pen strangled words to light switch
the tunnel of unanswerable.

Alone in the heartbeat thump I become
one with freedom, move from the house
horror built into the ancient strength of woman.

Peace supplants war.

©Susie Clevenger 2017 


  1. This is a trumpet blast of strength, Susie, from down in the core of who we are, as it needs to be. Your use of words here is adept and distinctive, and the last line speaks volumes. Thanks so much for playing, and for this statement of finding what it takes to make it through.

    1. Thank you... I am finding survival in this toxic environment we live requires a deep search of the soul and holding onto the powerful strength of bravery women possess.

  2. The thought of becoming one with freedom does such wonderful things for the soul, especially these days...

    1. Thank you... I call upon the spirit of my mother who faced starvation as a child and the abuse of an alcoholic father.

  3. Every Friday, I really love to visit the 55 at Verse Escape because that's where the real writers are. You never disappoint, Susie.

    ps--yay 'Stros!

    1. Thank you... Your words mean so much to me. I strive to grow as a poet/writer. I have been blessed with the remarkable example of some of the best in my journey. And yes.. Yeah Astros!!

  4. move from the house
    horror built into the
    ancient strength of woman.

    The beauty of strength in the face of weakness. No one can really anticipate woman's power


  5. Susie I simply am in awe. I hope there is still time for the world Matriarchy to perhaps straighten the course to the answer the darkness in the tunnel we find ourselves in.

    Be Well and have a kick ass week.

  6. Whoa, whoa. Ancient and very often forgotten, checked-out, beaten-out. To claim it... yes, let's.