Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Blueberry Skin or Claw

I’ve been off my meds
so long I can’t tell 
if the bear is real
or I’ve been caught
in the fly trap of a meme.

Every doctor has a pill
with a suicide note,
umm I mean side effects,
so maybe I’m just
dancing in a hallucination.

This forest looks a lot 
like concrete with a Camero
in metal mating season
sniffing a pollen yellow stripe
for a female who thinks speed
is an aphrodisiac.

A scenario keeps spinning
in my head about choosing
between furry Godzilla
and stick shift Romeo.
It feels like I’d be safer with claws
than trapped with the one
who likes to film blueberry skin
with a camera. 

©Susie Clevenger 2024



  1. You had me at "a Camero in metal mating season." You've taken the familiar meme down a dark rabbit hole here, but it's well trod. You write damned well at 2am.

  2. I agree with Shay - fantastic writing at any hour. Wow!

  3. I would choose furry Godzilla, I think. Smiles.

  4. Ooh, that ending is powerful! Poignantly done, Susie!

  5. You took the prompt words and ran them down psychedelic alley, Susie, in a roadster of your choosing! I agree with Shay - "a Camero/in metal mating season" is a stand-out -- among many others. It made me remember how everyone in my high school craved a Camero -- the dream car back then. It still is, I suppose.

  6. From title to ending this is brilliant and amazing Susie! I love how it has a light feel to it yet it is dark and quite poignant as well and you used the words so smooth and wonderfully! That second stanza made me giggle.

  7. You had me at 'caught in a fly-trap of a meme'. Brilliant poem, Susie!

  8. I agree with Shay, that is an amazing line. Also this: "Every doctor has a pill with a suicide note,"