Friday, November 27, 2020

Twisted Orange of Numbers Don't Count


There’s bats in the belfry and whiskers on the moon

in the imbalance balanced way out fourth year.


Ruby throated hoarse sings the same tune –

facts don’t matter if what is said is not what you hear.


March in streets, protest the stench of gas fumes -  

today’s the tomorrow yesterday warned we should fear.


©Susie Clevenger 2020

Flash Friday 55 ~ Thanksgiving Edition 2020


  1. Such crazy times we are living through. Your words describe it well, and I love the image you created to go with the verse.

  2. You said it ... all of it ... beautifully! Here's to the next four, may we find a way to get 'balanced.'

  3. Susie this brought chills. The collage fits the disjointed,surreal feel of both the poem and these surreal times where every fact is disputed, diluted or discounted by minds that are molded by misinformation and fear. I especially liked that killer finish. Thanks for joining us at the 55, and for kicking some ass yourself this weekend.

  4. Oh yes, those closing lines are bang on. The world has collectively lost its centre, it seems........