Saturday, October 31, 2020

The We of Ink and Tablet


Blood of poet, vein of dread,

night grows darker with whispers fed

lie of tongues - the muse is dead.


Night grows bolder with wine of ink

that pricks the mind with a sorcerer’s wink

to expand the spirit so thoughts don’t shrink.


One word grows three,

a root a tree,

Calliope’s tablet answer’s plea.

 ©Susie Clevenger 2020

Painting by Charles Meynier 

Calliope: Greek Goddess - Muse of eloquence and  epic poetry.
My poem isn't eloquent or epic, but I am grateful Calliope showed up
so I could find 55 words and wrote in rhyme. (Something I am not good at)

Flash Friday 55 - Halloween Edition 2020


  1. A delightful romp through the spellbook, Susie. I was going to say, I've rarely seen you use rhyme, and this is done very neatly. I especially like the "wine of ink" reference, and Calliope stepping in to revive the dead muse. Thanks for your seasonal and sharp 55, and have a kickass weekend if you can.

  2. I like this Susie! And I may use it to call on Calliope sometimes!