Saturday, April 4, 2020

Something's in the Air

He likes his wild tamed
with fist and tongue
broken bone and hope unstrung.

But when vixens smell
fear in the air, they hunt
the beast who rules the lair.

The wicked of whim
will meet his end
when foxes strike
to free the hen.

©Susie Clevenger 2020


  1. Oh this is some powerful stuff here Susie! Deep and sighting the evil for what it is! Stunning and prophetic! I love the rise from the ashes feel this inspires!!

  2. I hope the wicked of whim meets his end before he kills off all the rest of us. Sigh. Powerfully penned, Susie.

  3. Susie, your poem is awesome. A message of strength, overcoming.

  4. Yay vixens! And kudos on your tight rhyme and meter, and stellar word choice!

  5. Powerful and very cleverly done.

  6. Susie, I like this. Here is hoping he will learn to pick on a beast his own side. Big bully, poor chicken.

  7. Really neatly tied up and harmonious, which makes the underlying message of abuse, menace and retribution all the more powerful. Stunning response to the pic, Susie.

  8. "He likes his wild tamed . . . " Cringe! Oh how I love the gathering of vixens, and the new role of foxes in protecting the hens. The Beasts have Got To Go!

  9. I especially like the word usage … "wicked of whim and hope unstrung" … in this very clever poem. It deals with abuse in a biting way. BRAVO