Saturday, March 2, 2019

Built on Nothing

The Temple by Tomasz Zaczeniuk
Used with permission @fotowizjer

The priest of self
gathered every
green and wild thing
to his ego and drank
their blood from
the golden cup of avarice.

Built on nothing the
Temple Shrine of Glass Eyes
crumbled into the heartless rape
of Mother Earth’s soul.

A lone seeker searches for light
and begs the sky to grant him mercy.

©Susie Clevenger 2019


  1. A lone seeker. Yes, I too saw the end of the world as we know it and one last person left. I like the last two lines...A lone seeker searches for light
    and begs the sky to grant him mercy. The sky does play an important part in this eerie picture.

  2. This has just blown me away! Such a strong poem, Susie - every line is a humdinger!

  3. Last man left alive... can ask for nothing but mercy... bleak but real!

  4. One would feel very abandoned coming by himself to such a desolate looking place as this. Nice you picked up on that and suggested an out.

  5. The priest of self... yes we all know the avarice destroying the world.
    But being left alone there is no mercy left.

  6. The idea of Mother Earth being stripped of beauty and raped of dignity and worth is terrifying! I hope it's not too late.

  7. Yikes, if the last possibility is begging for mercy

  8. Wow. Powerful Susie. And sad, really.

  9. Very dark and very cool Susie! Like the ecology edge you added. I too went dark.