Friday, November 9, 2018

Hell in My Sweet Tea

I’ve put another flower on my handbasket
and another no in where... If love brought
you to my door, why pamphlet me with judgement?

Mix a little hell in my sweet tea.
The Bible belt likes sin cinched tight
across the ribs so misery words
are easier to spill, but I prefer a little
sugar coat on venom before I strike.

©Susie Clevenger 2018


  1. People do like their sugar coatings, don't they?

  2. OH.. two sugar cubes and a dash of hell :) OH and I ADORE "The Bible belt likes sin ciched tight..." I think I swooned when I read that!

  3. Love the contrast you built on throughout in this sizzler, Susie! On point, as always.

  4. Ooh, that is quite riveting — the no in where, little hells, sugarcoating, venom, et al. make for a transfixing experience. I too loved this bit: "The Bible belt likes sin cinched tight/across the ribs so misery words/are easier to spill". So good!

  5. There's no place like the Bible Belt for stealing shots of devil juice. Maybe the whole point of salvation is to revel one's dirty wild naughtybad bodyrot that much. This lingers and licks and flicks with all the fang and coiled magnitude of a madam in a house across the tracks. Grab a neck and start sucking!

  6. This is so wonderfully wicked... like the smile on the face of a viper.

  7. This is wonderfully dark and haunting! Especially like; "If love brought
    you to my door, why pamphlet me with judgment?"❤️

  8. I prefer a lil sugar too. Especially before venom. Striking poem, Susie.

  9. striking, in all the right places - with just enough of the acid, for the "sweetness" of the words ... ;)