Thursday, July 19, 2018

Impugning An Orchid

You thought I was too fragile,
an orchid requiring more
than you were willing to give.

You sat beneath a rain
of jealous opinions and
let them damn me before
you even knew my strength.

Loss only makes you the fool.
I am much wiser now with my heart.
I can breathe in my freedom, while
you whither where I  bloom.

©Susie Clevenger 2018

Sanaa gave a selection of word lists at Real Toads to inspire our writing.
I chose the following words: breathe, rain, loss orhcid

Real Toads ~ Get Listed ~ July Edition


  1. They do say that living well is the best revenge! ;-)

  2. This is beyond beautiful, Susie!💜 I love how the speaker in the poem refuses to give in to jealous opinions and rejoiced at the closing lines. Thank you so much for writing to the prompt. 💜

  3. Yes. You bloomed and he withered. Very good! I live that you lived your own life

  4. A nice write here, Susie. Yes, even extreme disappointment has a lesson for us. After the pain lessens.

  5. I love the title, Susie, the first-person speaker and the extended metaphor. I always imagined flowers have different voices. This one purrs. I especially love:
    'You sat beneath a rain
    of jealous opinions'.

  6. To rise when fall, indeed the faith and courage can do wonders.

  7. Life and procreation is a competition for all animals, insects, birds and plants. Each must find a way to survive and procreate. I wonder whether it is only humanity that can appreciate this and see it in its beauty.

  8. Strong voice of a strong woman.

  9. The story of my life. Sigh.... beautiful!

  10. 'You wither where I bloom'

    A strong and positive woman.