Friday, April 27, 2018

Plan B

I’ve still got my teeth.
Well, they (?) always
told me to leave em’ smiling.

I wanted to be a windchime
when I lost all my funeral weight,
but I’m too deep in dirt to catch a breeze.

What doesn’t reconstruct you makes you haunt.
My husband could never sleep with the closet light on.

©Susie Clevenger 2018


  1. Ha! The first and last stanzas have some great one-liners, Susie--you could do stand-up--(I especially like the last couplet) and with the middle one you prove there's really far more than just a little humor here. I can relate to every word, too. Thanks for playing this weekend, which I hope will be kickass for you and yours.

  2. oh, this is darkly, ever darkly delicious - and I love the middle stanza - so unexpected .... it's like a tickle that turns to a stinging slap! wow!

    great, absolutely great 55!

  3. Love everything about this piece, appeals to my dark side.

  4. Ha - this is fab! I love your dark humor.

  5. Love the second stanza especially, but the whole poem works for me. :-)