Saturday, April 21, 2018

The Valley of Eye Shadow

I have an occasional chat
with the women I used to be
so they’ll sleep while
I ponder gray hair.

Whine and glue are twisted sisters
who try to paste me in past tense
where young didn’t have wrinkles.

When the me’s get too catty
I remind them of choices,
blue eyelids and bad hair.

©Susie Clevenger 2018


  1. Ha! I too once sported some *very* blue eyelids--and ironed my hair to look like Marianne Faithful(age reveal) This is a witty and wry look at how nostalgia doesn't always tell us the whole truth...and I love the image of chatting with all those women parading by in the mirror, each with her own little, tale. So glad you could play this week, Susie. I love your 55's.

  2. Yikes.. I remember the days of blue eye shadow!

  3. reminds me to be grateful I can don a cap to hide my bad head hair. the scruff on my face, well, of an age now that I don't care... and no daily application required. ~

  4. wow - this is just a tongue in cheek re-dressing of how to put the catty women of ourselves back to the shadows! totally awesome 55 Susie!