Sunday, July 11, 2021

Concrete Flesh of Morning


Photography by Artist, Jasper James

I am the face of the city,

eyes pressed into morning

holding my breath.


Alarm clocks pound migraine drums

through my head to announce the rise and whine

of humans crawling into a new day.


With a bold broom

sunlight sweeps my doorsteps

into moldy gray glitter so

caffeinated souls can see

what they can’t feel.


Vehicles begin their rumble crawl

in asthmatic gasps of engine and oil

through streets hatching across my ribs.


In the widening iris of hours

I exhale yesterday’s weight

and breathe in the hope

today’s politics won’t cripple me.

 ©Susie Clevenger 2021

The Sunday Muse #168





  1. I know, right? We live in the proverbial interesting times. Love your new header!

  2. Oh yes! Amazing language and imagery in that. So good!!! I'd have to quote every stanza.

  3. Your new blog header is AMAZING! Wonderful description of city life. I so identify with the last stanza!!

  4. Ah, the big city! You describe it well .....

  5. I do not miss the days of living and working in the city. Your poem vividly recalls why, especially the 2nd stanza. Absolutely the worst time of the day was when the alarm went off!

  6. Perfect rendering of the city waking up. I hated too the harsh "Alarm clocks pound migraine drums" but now that we are both retired we hardly ever set the alarm.

    through my head

  7. Each stanza is a powerful poetic force but that final one is stunning! An amazing poem my friend!!

  8. Expertly written, "caffeinated souls can see what they can't feel", me every morning! Love it!

  9. Those last few lines are an extremely potent image - go to the top of the class! lol