Monday, March 22, 2021

Escaping the Window


What offense your eyes hold when you look through me

to a window that mirrors only your reflection.


Anger shapeshifts through the sea of blue dreams that sail

my eyes where tomorrow is not our horizon.


Does love expire like moldy bread ignored on a shelf

or fade when sunlight turns bitter on your lips?


The coldness of detachment marches cigarette burns

through my mind as I fight demons dancing on scars.


I hate goodbyes, the breathless lingering hope feeds

that one more hour can rewind a broken clock.


I am enough…more than enough…Your blindness

is not my curse, not a sentence to serve because fear is my familiar.

©Susie Clevenger2021

The Sunday Muse #152


  1. Susie, Susie ~~~ this is a cerebral, visceral, emotional journey of a poem!! Going to linger in my psyche a while .....

  2. These lines are so piercing, brave, and stunning that they leave a mark upon the reader to look upon and ponder again and again. Simply amazing poetry here my friend! I love this so much!

  3. Susie, this was hard for me, the cigarette, "demons dancing on scars," bit show of torture. I am thinking mental cruelty which carries terrible mental scars as well.
    I've had two hurtful separations, no way either that one of us would allow an hour for leaving. That has to be hard as well.

  4. "that one more hour can rewind a broken clock." - terrific.

  5. "tomorrow is not our horizon"--This knowledge learnt in any relationship is so heart shattering. a wonderful read.

  6. So much power here... power and teeth. This line made me shiver: "when sunlight turns bitter on your lips". What a cold curse that would be, to have sunlight go wrong on one's lips.