Saturday, March 6, 2021



Sunday was turned inside out

like a favorite sweater abandoned to shadows.


Expected comfort, the monotone of routine

became a scream in the cocoon of my wingless day.


There was no escape in a Zombie world of locked doors

and words funneled through lips wearied by counting days.


Stay safe, stay safe, stay safe… It’s crowing rant squawked

from the nest built of torn hours rooted in the back of my mind.


Madness sat its chair in my palms taunting me with careless

until my ancestor spirit tapped my spine with drumbeats.


Gnashing teeth and broken eye tears pulsed freedom

into the wounds I’d handcuffed to my spirit.


With fingers pressed against the river of my pulse

I let hope into the dark mirror I’d lived in for months.


 ©Susie Clevenger 2021

Word Crafter Prompt


1 comment:

  1. Every line screams the scream so many of us are feeling. This is amazing Susie! I say yes to letting the hope in!