Saturday, September 12, 2020

Tongue and Feather


Raised in feather and wild

I travel moon shadows, and inky stars.


With feet pressed into the ancient loam

of Mother Nature’s cheek I feel the path of vixens

vibrate directions into my legs to guide me

through fool’s gravel that bruises but never leads.


A phantom of instinct, sister of the hunt,

I can hear the devil’s lie before it slither’s

across his lips.

©Susie Clevenger 2020


  1. Deep, dark, and rich Susie — like poetic chocolate!

  2. Poetic excellence! Rob's right, poetic chocolate (with whipped cream)!

  3. I adore every line on this Susie!! Fool's gravel that bruised but never leads, and that last line is killer awesome! Like Rob so beautifully said, this is rich like poetic chocolate!!!

  4. I enjoyed reading your logic for the telling and detecting of lies to be told. If you could reduce this to a mechanical-electrical device we all could have a pocket lie detector. But watch out, someone will invent a jammer to jam your device. That was he cat and mouse we played in the Army vs. the Air Force to check our radars and their (Air Force) jammers.

  5. Oh, this is marvelous, Susie! Sounds like a canny survivor to me.

  6. Yikes. And what a perfect little fall fable.

  7. That last verse is killer...a bit dark and foreboding but, the survival instincts keep one going slithering into another lie.
    A well executed bit of poetry.

  8. I love "I travel moon shadows and inky stars". Wonderful!

  9. Beautiful, Susie. You put us there,with the fox and the bruise under our feet. The journey of instinct that leads and leashes us all..

  10. A dreamy poem, Ms. Susie ..... (with a few chocolate sprinkles on top?)

  11. "through fool’s gravel that bruises but never leads" -- Ooh! Fantastic!

  12. Ooh! That last stanza, a beauty.
    "through fool’s gravel that bruises but never leads."