Monday, June 22, 2020

The Wolf Howls in Red

I screamed into the wind,

“Give me your worst,

 bits of hell

purchased with a liar’s tongue.

The storm is always with me

even when the moon

tangles my hair with dreams.”

 I was born in the womb

of a dead valentine,

a loveless lullaby hummed

through the throat of delirium. 


Today is another matchstick

on the bonfire I breathe,

the scar chasing me with

its knife I won’t let cut me.


I will be strong even if I fall.

Every weakness in me will find

its shaman to pulse my spirit

with survival.

 ©Susie Clevenger 2020

I was inspired by the image and a thunderstorm. 

The Sunday Muse #113


  1. That "I was born in the womb..." stanza blew me away, Susie! And I'm glad you did the red gal, not many did.

  2. Good fun reading, Susie. It's good to have a "shaman to pulse one's (my) spirit with survival." I liked those lines and this bit, "the scar chasing me with its knife I won’t let cut me." That second tidbit reminds me for some reason if the dish running away with the spoon. And of my one inch scar at the top of my head.
    We had lots of rain and thunderstorms today too. But weather, good or bad hasn't done much for my writing.

  3. WOW! Spectacular. I loved it, too many favourite lines to quote.

  4. "I will be strong even if I fall."never felt more needed than these times...

  5. So many excellent lines that carry this explosion of a poem soaring--I especially love the second through fourth stanzas, with their powerful, cutting imagery. "Today is another matchstick/on the bonfire I breathe..." that is a feeling I have had too often, all my life. Really excellent piece, and a take on the pic that carries it to another level.

  6. Defiant, powerful, I am woman hear me roar!!

  7. I love the idea of the moon tangling ones hair with dreams. I can feel the pain and despair in this, and the word craft in it is amazing and powerful. A magnificent poem Susie!

  8. Oooh! "even when the moon / tangles my hair with dreams.” -- great language in that, and all throughout!

  9. Oh, this takes that tilted face and makes it fierce.