Wednesday, March 25, 2020

The Hormonal Political

She balked at mansplain.
spoke out against testosterone
interruptions to demean,
to flex superiority, to use
Eden rhetoric to shame
into silence.

She was warned to not
attempt to step out of her place.

We men have the numbers,
the power, the knowledge,
to lead without hysterics,
make decisions without emotions
clouding the black and white.

She was given an explanation,
the same explanation, tired explanation
of kitchen and follow, apron string politics.

Nevertheless she persisted

Gentlemen, (ironic) Do histories,
centuries of war prove
death is the way to the top?
I come to the desk having researched,
questioned, walked the sidewalk for answers,
sat with agree and disagree to find resolutions
while you have huddled in your nest
of must have your way to birth repetition.

 ©Susie Clevenger 2020


  1. What an evocative write! I love the term "mansplain". One wonders what the world would be like if women had been in charge!

  2. Goodness that closing took my breath away! I believe men are merely intimidated by strong women and look for ways to silence them. This is truly a phenomenal poem. Kudos!💝

  3. Beautiful in its incisive accuracy. And the 'she' is so many of us, I'm glad to say.

  4. I'm right there with Rosemary. It is refreshing that "she" is more and more of us.

  5. All we need do is look at the world we have, to see the job testosterone has done. Well said.

  6. I love 'her' sassiness and defiance, Susie, and the use of phrases such as ‘spoke out against testosterone interruptions’, ‘Eden rhetoric’ and ‘apron string politics to demonstrate men’s arrogance. I think Mother Nature is making a statement at the moment, telling men to hand the reins over to women so that we can nurture the Earth back to health.

  7. Cannot help but think of the female Dr. Birx who must stand behind Goofball and realize this is how history will judge her. Wish she had that "defiance thing" you write (beautifully) of.

  8. I'm grateful for all the "her"s who have risen up and am ready to welcome more to join up.

  9. Makes me glad that I never had that mentality. Your growing up models play a big part.