Saturday, March 28, 2020

Already Lived Through a Prophecy

You have to walk
before you can climb.

I’m eighty years ahead
of the times.
I know how to make more
out of less, turn blue into yellow
when the sun is boiled gray.  

Money men have been painting
their businesses fresh faced
while pushing wrinkles out the door.

Now, with hell on their heels,
and a drain on their dimes
they want to sacrifice elders
so capitalism won’t die.

I’ve been to the edge, got caught in the fall,
learned how to lead when dust fought with wind.

If you want my help, sit down and listen.
Wash and repeat won’t get you any further than you are.

©Susie Clevenger 2020


  1. Brilliant. How the mighty will fall without the wisdom of the ages to lead the way.

  2. I refuse to be sacrificed. Beautifully crafted, Susie.

  3. Yes the wisdom of the elders is running through this beautifully Susie! We all need to listen to them.

  4. The Pen of Truth has spoken. Wonderful!

  5. A pox on the greedy money men. May the elders be the voice of common sense and reason … which seem to have flown out the door.

  6. Great words. An important point excellently put. We need prophets, not profits.

  7. I can only add to the huzzahs! above. This made me want to cheer.

  8. Where'd my comment go? Moderation maybe?

  9. "I know how to make more
    out of less, turn blue into yellow
    when the sun is boiled gray" Yep, the generations before us learned many lessons on how to make in the Great Depression and WWII that we could benefit from.

  10. It would be enjoyable to be eighty years ahead back in the old days but not now, we are in sorry times and it is so messed up now it might not be can't repairable.

  11. They do! They do want fresh faces and sacrificial elders, and thus they disregard the best help ever offered. Amen on that last line, too. Profound poem.

  12. Susie, that third paragraph was right on target!