Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Greener on the Other Side of the Curtain

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Floor length sheer drapes attract the curious.
Eyes like the tease, fantasize silhouettes,
mind pen dialogue to fill in emptiness.

There’s a bit of romance in
“the lives are always greener
on the other side of the curtain.”

Voyeurs can excuse their window peeping
with exclamations table lamp invitations are issued
every night when darkness flirts with light.

With the slamming of a door routine interjects
itself into the tableau… Watchers return to dinner,
dog walks, and channel surfing toward sleep.

©Susie Clevenger 2018


  1. Got to close the privacy blinds or expect voyeurs to be peeking in. The Rear Window movie played again last week, down in the village I think. It may have been a free lawn movie by the cookie place. A couple of our kids and KP went.
    Walking ones dog is a good way to meet people. They will stop and have a short chat where they might not have otherwise. The conversation generally starts being about the dog.

  2. Wow,wow,wow!💖 So much to love in this poem.. the tone is perfect and images give the reader even more to consider and visualize. I love "with exclamations table lamp invitations are issued every night when darkness flirts with light."💖

  3. Its amazing how many leave their curtains open for voyeurs to feast thinking that at that height they are anonymous. One of the snags of city living brilliantly illustrated in this poem Susie.

  4. Yes, other lives seem more fascinating than our own – until we have the opportunity to enter through the door and see that they are much the same after all.

  5. I love the second stanza so much... I think that life changes a great deal when a person sees the reality that lies behind those curtains, and realizes that the romance the believed existed is not quite what they expected. Or wanted.

  6. Yes I see and hear you here Susie. People tend to be people watchers and fascinated by what others are doing and have. You have captured that perfectly here.

  7. channel surfing toward sleep - and then they wonder why life seems unsatisfactory on "this" side of the curtain!