Friday, March 16, 2018


We’ll drink wine
from your glass of dread,
host hellions, and sing spells
of full moon absolution.

Type finger words talk across our skin
in little barbs tongue twisted
into faux humor until sneers
 grind our smiles into weapons.

If hell has a candle, we’ll bring a match.
Oh and it’s BYOB (bring your own brimstone.)

©Susie Clevenger


  1. This is just perfect, Susie. I feel like everyone has their own personal brimstone stash these days, myself included, though I like to think the tongue twisters and skin walkers with weaponized smiles do deserve a little of what they hand out so readily. Love your very witchy and real 55, and thanks for helping the weekend to kick ass.

  2. I love the smiles ground into weapons!

  3. Personal hells are decorated with personal experiences, aren't they? And we all know that every hell is as personal as its prisoner (or dinner guest). I wonder if anyone will bring humanely grown brimstone...

  4. Never one to mess around in the playground or spells and sharp smiles methinks I shall say: Hell has its own fury and needs me not to light a candle.

  5. The tongues of others can certainly whip us up into a wild frenzy, where we begin to believe what once was unbelievable…and eventually, we bring our own brimstone…
    Anna :o]

  6. I'm with Shay - what a great line. ~