Sunday, September 10, 2023

I've Never Lost My Shoes

Is this tomorrow
or am I still on
today’s treadmill?

I’m beginning to wonder
where I fit in other than
on trauma’s fist.

In my everything’s coming up roses
I am making bouquets out of dry petals.
Questions flower on my tongue
only to be met by the drought of no answers.

Lately I’ve been screaming in empty rooms
where my voice disappears into nail holes
I’ve hammered in my gallery of goodbyes.

There is weakness in strength, fear in being brave.
I’m tired of having to cross another valley,
but grateful I’ve never lost my shoes. 

©Susie Clevenger 2023


  1. Susie, bless you for taking the time to write, and link, in all you are going through. Your poem speaks truth - it is hard to always have to find strength, be brave, keep on keeping on, when one is walking across a landscape littered with too many losses. Sometimes Just Being is the best one can do, praying for a better day. Thank you for sharing.

  2. What a powerful poem, Susie! One that I can feel. So strong. So real. And scream all you want in those empty rooms! Glad you joined us at What's Going On? and hope to see you on Wednesday!

  3. In darkness your words light up with power and fortitude. So wonderful to see you here.

  4. All God's children have shoes, something to be grateful for in times when "I’ve hammered in my gallery of goodbyes." O, Susie, out of sadness and trouble, you make such powerful art! May this poem travel far. Welcome, welcome to "What's going on?"