Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Strings on My Chest


There’s a lot of miles on these guitar strings.
They’ve played every broken bottle, drug,
and trainwreck city I’ve left pieces of me in.

She knows more of my secrets than a fortune teller
reading hell through a crystal ball, or a lover 
who’s left fingerprints on my skin.

When I die, bury me with a guitar on my chest,
because whether its God or devil who claims my bones
my spirit will still be rocking this third stone from the sun.

©Susie Clevenger 2023

"third stone from the sun" is a Jimi Hendrix reference.
"Third Stone from the Sun" (or "3rd Stone from the Sun") is a mostly instrumental composition by American musician Jimi Hendrix. It incorporates several musical approaches, including jazz and psychedelic rock, with brief spoken passages. The title reflects Hendrix's interest in science fiction and is a reference to Earth in its position as the third planet away from the sun in the solar system.

Hendrix developed elements of the piece prior to forming his group, the Jimi Hendrix Experience. The Experience recorded versions as early as December 1966, and, in 1967, it was included on their debut album Are You Experienced. Several artists have recorded renditions and others have adapted the guitar melody line for other songs.

For those who prefer a more known Hendrix your go


  1. I love this poem Susie! I love the life and tales to tell you have given the guitar and the imagery makes us feel it too! The history afterward is wonderful. I always so enjoy your poetry my friend!

  2. Note: I tried to comment back on the Muse but I am having some glitch going on and it wouldn't let me

  3. I wasn't tuned in with Jimi until his rendition of Star Spangled Banner and his performances at Woodstock. Not familiar with his Third Stone, but think I would have listened to it, I am sure that I am missing the feel of this write. Still I like the leaving of bits wherever going. Physically an literally, that can and does happen. More of men than from women. Also I've been thinking of what I'd like on my chest lying in my casket or laying on my ashes. Guitars would be meaningless to observers, I played a piano with two semesters of college but didn't keep on. Anyway I liked reading here and did vibrate with the scattered bits but most folk in my life now can't relate. In the early 70's, with my motorcycle, I'd be in the Houston parks listening to the bands under the trees. Saturday nights on warehouse loading docks or at the Landing. All that ended when I met Mrs. Jim in August 1972. Before it was week ends like above and a NASA engineer M-F's.
    I hope this finds its audience, an intriguing write. Sorry so long, won't boor you with ZZ Top's beginning now.

  4. I would never have picked you as a Jimi Hendrix person....Another surprise:)

  5. Great poem, Susie! Love the Jimi Hendrix info. He was unqiue.