Monday, August 22, 2022

Black and Blue


I am more than a dress,
a blues song you clothe me in
so your darkness won’t feel
as heavy as your tongue.
Where there’s bone there’s wings.
I can fly a sky of notes you can’t write
because freedom is a place in me
you can’t find.
Will and weather, cloud and feather,
what you think you hold isn’t even in your hands.
This black and blue bird is a sister of crows.
When the spirit says go, a murder will grow.
©Susie Clevenger 2022


  1. Susie - this is just stunning. I feel like you took a 2D picture, punched your fist into it, and popped out a 3D poem with magic. Well done!


  2. This is so unequivocally beautiful, Susie. The whole thing is beautiful but I love that first stanza especially.

  3. Black Ink Howl .... says it all! WOW

  4. Every line is a world of imagery and beautiful depth! This poem is glorious and shows the strength your soul wings carry. 🦋

  5. such imaginative concepts in this remarkable poem Susie - a joy to read and savour such lines as "Where there’s bone there’s wings"

  6. Susie I love the way you used dress here. Excellent poem!