Sunday, October 31, 2021

The Impatience of Learning Patience


I roam the dark side of the moon

teeth grinding flint hoping fire

will burn the last thread that

binds me to his eyes.


Their black mirror has stolen

my secrets, and dances their demons

across the black ice of revelation.


How foolish to surrender my skeletons

to stars thinking they would deliver them

to Luna’s heart where trust would keep them safe.


Sinful light hungry to roam the veins of hidden

carried my words as bounty to enter the valley of night,

but the dark orb swallowed their candles, and

hung my confessions on his iris of nightmares.


In the impatience of learning patience, I study

every wink, weigh every word, and wait for

any cracks in eternity where I can place a match

to start the fire of my unbinding. 

©Susie Clevenger 2021

The Sunday Muse #184


  1. Your journey of wakeful nights and heartache is so evident in these lines. This poem is full with experience and brave honesty. I absolutely love it Susie!

  2. I love the black mirror stealing your secrets. And those closing lines are stunning, Susie. Wonderful writing.

  3. I can feel the deep ache in this piece, Susie. How pain binds us, and sorrow ties us to its stake. The journey to find deliverance can be long, but we have to make it, however slow progress may seem. Glad you found these words to light your way.

  4. I feel the aching sadness in your poem, the sense of being lost. Writing has a lovely way of making the dark shades lighter .... peace.

  5. A terrifying group of misfortunes isn't it. Told well with a hint of hope trying to break through. Like it a lot, the mirror is treacherous like a spam trap, it sucks you in through human vanity. The neat poem sucks one in also, hoping for the best as it's read along.

  6. Patience is a hard lesson to learn. The pain and sadness are felt with each line. Perhaps, we have too much trust in the stars. sigh..

    How foolish to surrender my skeletons
    to stars thinking they would deliver them

    hang on to the light ....

  7. Verse two does it. There is the reason there lies your pain. Nice one.
    Happy you dropped by my blog.


  8. How beautifully and powerfully you express this pain, Susie.

  9. Night-time is often when we feel our pain more vividly. Yet there is hope in the last two lines. Beautifully rendered poem.

  10. Impossible to choose a line from this poem. They are all incredibly moving.