Saturday, July 18, 2020

From the Eye of the Moon

We thought we could own moonlight, 

steal stars from Asteria’s palm, and brag 

conqueror in bloated chest bumps of human privilege. 

In our tunnel vision we couldn’t see 

the cat’s eye moon stalk us with 

bared claws reaching for the very breath 

we had bottled in our lungs. 

There is no fool like the one who owns stock in oblivion, 

an empty nirvana where men play gods and trust 

their footprints will lead to dominion. 

A mere toy in our sky litter the feline 

sniffs our defeat in the tomorrow 

we are so careless to trust we will quell.

©Susie Clevenger 2020


  1. "In our tunnel vision we could't see" and "there is no fool like the one who owns stock in oblivion" So utterly true and powerful lines Susie! Every line is deep and flowing with insight. I think we were both in similar thoughts when writing our response, but I love yours! Amazing poetry as always!

  2. "'We thought we could own moonlight, / steal stars from Asteria’s palm" - Wonderful. And this: "There is no fool like the one who owns stock in oblivion." A mere toy in the sky, for certain...

  3. Beware the Kitty of Doom! He's in ur air, messin wif ur mind. Sunday Muse would not be complete without a kick-ass poem from you, Susie, and you did not disappoint! ;-)

  4. The cat's eye moon with bared wonderful.

  5. the feline sniffs our defeat in the tomorrow
    we are so careless to trust we will quell

    They cats have a way of telling. They can anticipate well in advance. Very true Susie


  6. The second stanza is wonderfully evocative. I like the 'cat's eye moon' as a description, and those bared claws really are chokers! This poem has an underlying very somber tone, one which I can identify with at this time!

  7. Oh, that line about owning stock in oblivion gave me chills--as did the stalking moon. What a poem!

  8. This is astonishing and so vivid and bright in is imagery, Susie. I really tip my hat here, especially for bringing in one of my favorite Titans, Asteria. The opening line is of course killer, and it sets up that third stanza like a pool shark sets up running the table. Impressive that under the brilliance of those word choices there is such a sharp arrow of message to find, penetrating the heart.

  9. Susie- this is marvelous. That first line drew me in immediately.

  10. There are so many wonderful lines in here that crush the unfounded conceit of humanity. Great write.

  11. Love the "cat's eye moon" and the honest depiction on humanity.

  12. Like punches to the gut, to the psyche ... hard hitting poetry that describes perfectly the state of our nation.

  13. In our tunnel vision we couldn’t see

    the cat’s eye moon stalk us...

    Brilliant imagery, Susie!