Sunday, January 12, 2020


You stalk the wild in me,
hidden claws beneath my tongue
where words lie sharpened
to protect solitude when intrusive
camps at every door.

I catch glimpses of you in the mirror
when I search flaws to see which
brush can paint me out of questions.

Fire and moon
camp at the door of patience
waiting to see how many pins
my skin can hold
before I break.

 ©Susie Clevenger 2019


  1. I wonder if there is a hidden predator inside all of oss... may it come out when the time is right.

  2. It does seem that life's struggles can be a test. I love every stanza but the last one is my favorite! This poem speaks to me how strong you truly are!

  3. I think we all have a bit of wild in us some have learned to tame it a bit and others struggle with the battle for freedom within.

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  5. a mirror can easily become treacherous. always approach a mirror cautiously.

  6. Hidden claws beneath my tongue...very well put. We do try to protect ourselves, our privacy, hearts...don't we?

  7. When you break, the howl will resound under sun and moon! The images depict the power you carry in your words.

  8. We need to have that 'wild' in each of us just to burst forth at the right moment. One can feel the immense power each of your word carries in the poem. Wow!

  9. Oh I am sure that your 'wild' will find some way to flourish. It is there to be embraced when the time is right.

  10. I agree with Carrie. I so admire your strength, Susie. And I love "the wild" in you!

  11. You won't break. You're Texas tough, Susie.

  12. Have to let that hidden "wild" come out at times. Beauutiful poem!

  13. stunning poem! As Shay says, Texas tough. It's a real thing! (also, the nicest people - we lived in San Antonio for three years when we were first married...)

  14. Stunning photography and wonderful poetry ~

    Happy Moments to You,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)