Sunday, November 10, 2019

Woke Up Change

Photograph: Sarolta Ban

Oh, don’t play that song,
a bluesy never grow tune.

My roots are deep, earthy bold.
I’ve sung duets with eternity,
written music with stardust.

I can grow a family from a seed,
hold communion with wild things,
stitch a quilt with sun thread and dry leaves.

You thought I would die because you cut me,
surrender to dust because you burned me,
but all you did was wake up change.

I’ll be life when you are empty,
breath when you can’t breathe,
grow when you’re dying in your words.

©Susie Clevenger 2019


  1. great poem and music, Susie. thank you.

  2. "All you did was wake up change." I love that. May the voices of change speak loudly enough that some actual change begins to happen. Three continents are burning as the debate about climate change rages on. A fantastic poem, Susie.

  3. I love the message and how beautifully it is spoken! This is so poignant and gorgeous Susie! I love every line!

  4. Loved this and the sense of connection to the earth here! Nicely done

  5. I love this! The music is fabulous. I was also subtly reminded of the story of the giving tree. Everything is taken but still the tree gives. Even in death it lives. But without trees we wouldn't have any air to breathe.