Friday, October 25, 2019

Nigrum Somnium Dicat

I use a spoonful of light to feed my darkness,
bits of glitter to bedazzle dread.

In the hollow of abandoned I place my ribs,
drink dust of tears, spin fantasies in my head.

Fear has a scent my nose can detect,
cloying ammonia, musty stench of deflect.

Like it or not I know what you fear.
I’m the whisper sting stalking your ear.

Lilies bloom in shallow breath,
graying skin, cackling death.

The candle wick will make shadows larger,
conjure secrets, burn lies through your armor.

I’m the nightmare ruling your dreams,
burning your peace, courting your screams.

©Susie Clevenger 2019

It is October so my mythical twist is pure Halloween.


  1. My goodness this is deliciously dark and enticing!❤️ You have created such an eerie and palpable atmosphere with your words especially like; "In the hollow of abandoned I place my ribs,
    drink dust of tears, spin fantasies in my head." Love the spookiness of this poem. Perfect for the season! Thank you so much for writing to the prompt, Susie ❤️

  2. Marvelously dark couplets Ms Clevenger. I esp appreciate that ear sting. Well done.

  3. What an absolutely beautiful poem Susie, it reads so well.

  4. You've captured Halloween perfectly - dark, cloying and wonderfully enticing

  5. Oh this is darkness and I shouldn't have read it when it's so late... my dreams will be filled with these screams

  6. Very spooky! I love how you build the tension in this piece.

  7. I love the thrill and the goosebumps this gives Susie! Such amazing imagery! A stunning and wonderful write!!

  8. Excellent! I love how you build the goosebumps in this. a wonderful and eerie write. I read it with great pleasure.

  9. I hit send too soon. It is indeed a black dream.

  10. This is made extra creepy by the way your word choices makes it sound like a courtship--dread has been bejeweled and dreams are being invited to let the horror in. And the tone... it sounds like it's being hissed into the ear of someone who can't move.

    Love it!

  11. I was drawn in instantly at the first few lines, where the subject sprinkled out just enough shiny to lure people in. I agree with Magaly. There's an element of seduction here which adds to the chilling feeling. The subject seems to relish what they are doing, lingering on every new fright as if it was a kiss. Spooky stuff and super well done.

  12. "a spoonful of light to feed my darkness" I can just see the darkness swallowing it whole until the light disappears and it is enough to keep the monster satisfied without going insane. I love at the end how it is "courting your screams" in a way that makes it feel like a lover, as if darkness and fear belong to one another.

  13. As I read this, a cold dread filled me. Captivating Susie!

  14. If I could, I would take that last line and wear it as a cackling necklace. Yum!