Sunday, February 3, 2019

Carrion of Dead Poets

The Turning Point
Used with Permission

Pens litter the floor like carrion of dead poets
who still feed passion to hungry minds.

I wasted ink trying to build a fire.

Words teased with sparks, but they cooled into
drinking sarcasm with Bukowski’s ghost
and making paper planes out of crumpled words
I mined from a thesaurus.

©Susie Clevenger 2019

To see more of David Bulow's work visit @bulow_ink on Instagram or view more art from this talented artist on his website Bulow Ink.


  1. I, too, thought that this image just screams Bukowski.

  2. Oh my paper planes where a lot lighter... yours were rook black bats.

  3. This one very much feels like a Bukowski poem. I love how that gorgeous middle line about wasting ink to build a fire sort of ties the stanzas together with a hopeless gasp. Well done, Susie and viva la.

  4. My goodness this is absolutely exquisite!!❤️ I especially love and admire; "I wasted ink trying to build a fire."

  5. "but they cooled into/drinking sarcasm with Bukowski’s ghost": I love this!

  6. This is a dark one, Susie, and I love it, especially ‘paper planes out of crumpled words / I mined from a thesaurus’.

  7. "Words teased with sparks ..." and cooling, ... I understand the cooling, wasted energy. I pride myself in paper airplane making, I've won prizes. And I hate to waste words. Good mixing these and more together for a fun read.

  8. I just love, love, love the thought of words drinking sarcasm with with a ghost.

  9. I so love the poem.. the middle line still stands out for me. I also really enjoy the inclusion of Bukowski's ghost.