Saturday, January 20, 2018

Even Angels

Louis-Léopold Boilly - A Lady Seated at Her Desk

He sat me among naughty things
and told me to think of innocence.
Of all the sins brushed across my skin,
denial sent the deepest blush.

With my arm pressed against my thigh
I tried to not wonder how his hands would feel
beneath my dress and demon’s silenced.

Even angels hate pedestals.

©Susie Clevenger 2018


  1. Yep, cos you can't be real up there, any more than down in the brimstone. Have the customary kick-ass weekend, Susie!

  2. There's a lot of perception and a lot of truth here--painful as it is to let it sink in. That blush--I think we've all worn it too much. I like the way you've used the "innocent" slyness of the pose in the pic to make your point even sharper. Uncomfortable but spot on 55, Susie, on this day where women are marching all over the country in resonance to its theme.

  3. Ha - nice bit of erotic in there